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    Fare Change 05/11/18

    From 5 November 2018 we shall be changing some of our pricing. This is a minor change designed to increase driver earnings following – the first such change in 5 years.

    Whilst there is a small increase, this has been designed to protect the lowest fares, those likely used by the elderly, infirm and disabled.

    A 5% surcharge will apply to Peaktime and Weekend journeys. Peaktime is 0730-0930 and 1445 to 1630 on Weekdays, and from 1630 Friday evening to 0730 Monday morning.

    For journeys 4, 5 and 6 miles in length, the mileage rate will increase by 30p per mile, but will be rounded up to the nearest 50p.

    The highest increase customers can expect is if they were to take a 6 mile journey at Peaktime. That journey would increase from £11.50 to £13.00.

    I want to reiterate that OffPeak fares for short journeys remain unchanged. No price change has occurred to those trips at all.

    Remember, we don’t charge Double Fare over Christmas and New Year. On Christmas Day, for example, journeys are £2.50 extra, and on New Years’ Eve into New Years’ Day, a maximum 50% surcharge applies to all fares. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

    And finally, remember, you can earn free fares if you book using our smartphone App with Star Rewards. Once you’ve enough credit to pay for your journey, you’ll be asked if you want this journey of us. Just tap “Yes”

    This is the first price change in 5 years. I want to apologise for the need to do this, but fuel and the cost of living continues to rise. I hope that this change, designed to protect the most vulnerable, is one that continues to get your support for our services. We pride ourselves in giving great value for money, and continue to invest in our drivers, our staff and service to ensure you get the very best we can muster.

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    NOVEMBER 2018 Late Availability

    Hi all, and apologies for the unusually long message.  Here are the late availability details from Star Coaches.  We are ready and waiting to get you on board; just call us on 01213505555 or email, and we will get you booked in.

    Star Coaches Team.

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  • Blackpool Illuminations

    OCTOBER 2018 Late Availability

    Late Availability Day Trips with STAR COACHES. Read More