Our technology


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It consists of more than two dozen satellites that whiz around the earth. We use this information to automatically allocate all of the jobs to our fleet of drivers. We receive an update from each vehicle every 30 seconds. This enables us to match up the nearest car to the customer’s pick up address. GPS ensures that your vehicle will be with you as quickly as possible and our clients can also track the progress of their vehicle via this website.

Our drivers have all passed a knowledge test. However, with the majority of our vehicles are also equipped with satellite navigation, our drivers are able to find any difficult addresses.

Text alerts

Star Car’s text messaging service makes travel simple. When a vehicle is allocated, the client automatically receives a text informing them their vehicle is on its way. The make, model and registration details of the car are provided. This means if you are travelling alone, for example, you are secure in the knowledge that you are getting into the right car. Text Alerts cost 25p.

Call centre

The nucleus of Star’s operation, our call centre is one of the most technologically advanced in the City of Birmingham.

We have more than 30 call centre agents working from our headquarters in north Birmingham. Each agent spends two weeks in our dedicated on-site training centre learning how to operate our state-of-the-art computerised booking system. They then undertake an induction test, and if successful, spend a further week shadowing an experienced agent before going live on their own on the phones.

All bookings made by telephone are recorded and we monitor calls on a daily basis to ensure that they are being dealt with efficiently. Performance-related pay, based on a unique grading system, acts as an incentive to promote consistent quality customer service.

Every year we answer approximately 2,000,000 calls, with an average answer time of 8 seconds per call.

Star Cars booking app.