Terms and Conditions

Booking Conditions

Bookings are accepted in good faith and are subject to the following conditions:

1. Receiving Your Call

When you call us our system captures your telephone number and we do the following:

– When calling from a landline, we will attempt to call you a couple of minutes before the driver is due to arrive. This service is free.

– When calling from a mobile telephone, we will send you a text message a couple of minutes before the driver is due to arrive. This text message is charged to your telephone account at 25p per text. Only one text per booking can be sent. Full terms on this service can be found here.

– Although we attempt to contact every customer in advance of the arrival of their vehicle, constraints on the network sometime delay it. If the message is not received in advance of your driver arriving, you will still be charged. You can opt in and out of this service as much as you wish. Full details are given on the www.taxitextalert.com website.

You can advise us of a different number to contact you on, mobile or landline, if you wish. Just tell the operator when you make your booking.

2. Call Recording & CCTV

For training and to ensure our high standards are continually improved upon, we may record and/or monitor both inbound and outbound calls. Our premises and many of our vehicles are covered by Closed Circuit Television systems for your and our safety.

3. Meeting your needs

We endeavour always to provide what you ask for, however sometimes traffic and other events mean that we can run late on your booking. When you book with us, we will always try to advise you of situations likely to experience problems (like booking in the Rush hour, for example), but sometimes situations can develop quickly after your booking is taken. If your vehicle has not arrived within 10 minutes of the time you requested it, please call us and we’ll update you on the progress of your order. We cannot guarantee your order on time, however we’ll always do our best to make any connection advised to us as timely as possible. Airport and Coach connection bookings will always take priority.

4. What does it cost?

Our call centre staff are fully trained to provide an estimate on any UK journey that starts from, travels through, or ends in our coverage area. Drivers also carry our latest rate card so can always tell you how much a journey costs once the actual mileage is established.

5. How do I pay?

You can pay us in many ways: Cash, Business Account, or Credit and Debit Card. Cash is the cheapest way to pay. Pay this directly to your driver. Business Account rates vary depending on your usage. Estimates are available on request. Credit and Debit Card payments attract a 5% handling charge, and are subject to a minimum purchase of £25.00 (You can make a number of bookings on one transaction if you need to).

In some circumstances our driver may ask for payment in advance of commencing your journey. Please do not be offended by this, it is a matter of routine.

6. No Smoking Vehicles

All of our vehicles are No Smoking vehicles.

7. Changes to these Conditions

Changes to these Conditions are updated frequently, so check back here for the latest.

8. Bookings for Star Cars and Coaches are accepted in good faith and are subject to the following conditions outlined on this page:

The usual requirements for children to travel in a child car seat do not apply to taxis and private hire vehicles (taxis). A child for the purposes of the law relating to child car seats is under 12 years of age or under 135cm tall. It is impracticable for every taxi to carry a range of child seats so that they can accommodate every child they might carry. Even though the law does not require children to use a child car seat, we recommend that customers use their own child car seat to ensure their child’s safety whilst traveling by taxi. You will, however, have to take your child car seat with you on the completion of your journey. If children are to be carried in a taxi without the correct child car seat, they can only travel on the rear seat. A child aged 3 or over must wear an adult seat belt. A child under 3 may travel without using an adult seat belt. By choosing not to provide the correct child car seat for children, you accept that you are placing them at a greater risk of suffering injury in the event of an accident.

In any event, you must always book a vehicle large enough to carry all of the passengers on your booking, regardless of age and size. The vehicle must be licensed to carry all of the passengers, and a baby counts as one full passenger.


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