Star Cars cleaner air for Birmingham

April 3, 2017

Star have been involved in discussions with Birmingham City Council to help shape the plans to reduce harmful air pollution by the introduction of Low Emission Vehicles.

It has been announced that the city council will receive £2.9 million from the Department for Transport (DfT) to implement an electric taxi infrastructure across the city. Star have assisted the council with guidance on where best to place electric charging points in key locations in and around the city.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) funding will enable the council to proceed with plans for a total of 197 charge points across the city centre and outer city areas, all of which will offer fast or rapid charging facilities for Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles.

Star are committed to helping address what is clearly an urgent issue. 900 people in Birmingham die prematurely each year due to the poisonous toxins that are in our city’s atmosphere. Contrast this with approximately 43 deaths per year contributed to road traffic accidents each year across the Midlands, not just in taxis.

Star Operations Manager, Martin Walker said “Thanks for listening Birmingham and asking for our input to the plans. It’s great to hear the funding coming the way of this city and its’ drivers at precisely the time we discuss the clean air zone. Hopefully, we can get the charging points operational before the upcoming proposed changes to vehicle licencing are brought into effect.”

Star have been focussing on their fleet’s emissions for many years and have introduced several innovations to help protect the environment. Being the first to adopt in-car GPS technology and intelligent vehicle despatching, has saved thousands of wasted miles. Our C02 reporting for corporate account clients has helped companies reduce their environmental impact, and we are currently encouraging our drivers to consider low emission vehicles when it’s time to replace their car.

You can read more about new electric taxi scheme here.

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