Major Traffic Disruptions

January 16, 2015

Customers using our services at Peak Times are experiencing major disruptions. We want to apologise in advance for any delays you experience using our service whilst the roadworks causing them remain in place, and we want to suggest some ways to mitigate this.

Concerned areas from Highways Agency:

M6 Gravelly Hill Interchange (otherwise known as Spaghetti Junction)
Diversions are in place on Salford Circus, and slip roads on and off the motorway are being closed.
Work is expected to continue constantly at this junction until the Summer.

Read more here.

Birmingham Highways – Paradise Scheme

Paradise Circus is closed, and surrounding routes have been made “Bus Only” – Private Hire cars cannot use these routes.
Paradise Circus will never reopen, but traffic is not expected to use the new routes until Summer 2016.

Read moreĀ here.

Services in and out of the City Centre, and all routes crossing the M6 are experiencing significant delay (between 20 and 60 minutes extra journey time) as road users get used to the changes. We expect to have a better idea of how your journey will be impacted within a couple of weeks.

We thank you for bearing with us, and would draw your attention to the links provided in this email if you’d like further information about route effects of the changes.


You can do a number of things to improve your journey

Use our App and Online services to book and track your taxi. You can even Pay with your Debit, Credit or AMEX card without occurring any fee when you book with us by App or Online.

Travelling at Rush Hour?

Book 20 minutes earlier than you plan to, and expect their to be more traffic than usual. If you’re catching a coach, bus, train or ferry, leave even more extra time, and plan to arrive at the terminal to catch the earlier service. You may not be able to use it on your ticket, but at least you’ve made that extra attempt to reach the one you need on time.

Delay your journey?

If you don’t need to travel at Rush hour, wait until after 0930. Roads are a lot quieter after about 0915.

Tell us of all your stops!

If you’re making a stop en-route, to drop the kids off at school for example, please tell us when booking, as this allows us to predict the amount of time you’ll keep that driver – helping us to get to the next passenger quicker too.

Split your journey?

You may find that some days to train into Birmingham City Centre is quicker, if only you could get to your local station. Use a taxi to the local station instead of taking it into town. This will not only speed up your trip, but will leave the taxi local for the next customer in the area.

Share your journey?

Do you know someone else making a similar trip? Hook up with them and share the cost. Our App will soon allow you to share your trip details with the local market to make this easier, but it will be completely voluntary. If you want the taxi to yourself, keep it for yourself.

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