Star Cars iGO Global update.

June 7, 2018

The Star Cars app now works across the U.K., and we are adding cities in North America, Australia and Europe.

Since Monday we’ve been updating the back end of the development, and we are aware that some iOS (iPhone) customers have had an interruption to service. We would like to apologise for that interruption.

The latest iOS release has now been updated in the App Store and Apple will cascade releases over the next 48 hours, however you can prompt an earlier fix if you’re affected by deleting and reinstalling the App. Whilst no existing bookings will be affected, your history WILL BE DELETED, so it’s far recommended to wait for Apple to push the update.

We are adding further new features, including PayPal payments very soon, and we thank you for continuing to use Star Cars Services.

If you need any help, please drop us an email at

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