Why is my driver from elsewhere?

January 17, 2019

Q: “Why does Star Cars use Private Hire (PHV) drivers and vehicles licensed by other West Midlands Councils?”

A: Here is why your Driver may be licensed elsewhere:

As a result of a change in the law in 2015, a private hire operator may subcontract a booking to another private hire operator anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland.

Star Cars has expanded from its origins in Birmingham into other West Midland local authority areas, but accepts all bookings at our Birmingham head office.

Wherever you want picking up in the West Midlands (or elsewhere in the country), we can now dispatch to you any Private Hire (PHV) vehicle and driver licensed by any of the West Midlands local authorities with which we are licensed, so you get the most suitable vehicle in the shortest possible time. This is not only better for you, but is better for the environment, because we do not have to send you a vehicle licensed by a particular local authority and can send you the vehicle nearest to you: less miles = less pollution!

All vehicles and drivers are licensed by local authorities and, whilst there are some differences between what each requires, all undertake criminal record, medical and driver licensing checks for drivers and all require vehicles to be regularly inspected by or on behalf of the local authority. And of course, you can also rest assured that no matter with which local authority a driver is licensed, they’ll only be working with Star Cars if they meet our standards!

We always appreciate Customer Feedback, and we’re happy to express our view and answer your questions, but as the law stands, it could be illegal for us to discriminate against a driver licensed by one Council over one licensed by another. Almost every driver on our fleet lives within Birmingham, or within 10 miles of our Birmingham office, paying their taxes into our local services.

Please remember you can rate and comment about your experience in our App, or just speak to us when you call or drop us an email. We always like to know what’s happening, and we work tirelessly to offer our customers the very best experience that we can!

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